Microsoft launches update of October for Xbox One

The subject Microsoft launches update of October for Xbox One appeared on Engadget.

I started the software giant today in a push to update the month of October for the Xbox One, which comes with a wide range of possible users.

Xbox One System Update- October

Comes this update for the software platform to the Xbox to add feature users to change and customize your avatar to the special account for the players, with the advantage of the climate response to voice commands more accurately, and also broadcast feature videos HDR on the platform of Xbox across video services.

Supports the feature in response to a gaming platform for voice commands all of the assistant Alexa the theoretical to the side of the hardware that supports Cortana, as Microsoft confirmed that the feature take the voice commands now support more accurate for users.

For example, can take orders, run the game Forza Horizon 4, where the system is activated automatically and then automatic recording for the user and open the game without having to voice commands and sequential start-up.

As the system responds also to the orders of a voice Start Broadcast Mixer, or take a picture of the company, besides the possibility to adjust the level of audio, voice command, where you will be require to activate this feature download Xbox Skill.

Also to promote these new features in the updated platform Xbox, gonna Amazon on the payment device speaker Amazon Echo Dot for purchase in the range include platform games for the Xbox One S or Xbox One X.

Users can also with this update to customize the sound for the account on the gaming platform, which is one representative of that expected by the users of the Xbox One, this feature provides Microsoft Update the system extensions and more to customize your avatar for the player, with the possibility of choosing The Shape of the body and clothing.

It is planned to show a new photo of the user in the profile, a list of leaderboard to the side of the menu that show the activity of the user, also the users stay near the current without change.

Is also a broadcast feature Dolby Vision HDR latest the best offering from Microsoft in this update, where this feature supports broadcast content on TVs compatible where service is available Netflix just now, to add more applications later.


The subject Microsoft launches update of October for Xbox One appeared on Engadget.

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