Microsoft make some of the patents invented open source to protect the Linux operating system

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Companies that use patents to pounce on other companies existed and will remain so, and what usually happens is that they use some of the patents the mysterious and submitted to the court to enter into disputes with other companies in order to get a huge payout from them knowing we’ve seen it happen with many technical companies as big as Apple, Samsung, Google, Motorola, and other companies. Unfortunately, I don’t own all the companies, especially the smaller ones the resources necessary to deal with companies that benefit from war Patent, and in such cases it cannot achieve the progress you wish for.

Despite of it, in the hopes of Microsoft Corporation in preventing it, declared that it will make 60 thousand patents belonging to the not open-source to help protect the Linux operating system from lawsuits. This will be joining Microsoft to try to Open Invention Network, and in case you haven’t heard of this alliance before, it is a community dedicated to protect open source software from claims of infringement of patents.

According to Microsoft, has stated by saying : ” now, after joining to a network OIN, we believe that Microsoft will be able to do more things than ever to help protect the Linux operating system and other things important for open source software against the war of patents. We come with a purse value of the deep includes more than 60 thousand patents for the total OIN. We also hope to draw resolutions joining many other companies to OIN, which makes the licenses of the alliance stronger for the sake of Open Society bank “.

It’s actually a step interesting by Microsoft, especially they would benefit actually in the case if moved more users to the Windows system. However, telling Microsoft that it believes that cooperation will help to accelerate the pace of innovation.



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