A glance on the features of Windows 10 coming in 2019

It is true that the update of October for Windows 10 came with many of the nurses, but he came with many flaws as well, what forced Microsoft to postpone the release indefinitely until now.

And speaking of possible future trends, revealed PCWorld about what he discovered in the next release of Windows 10, which is still in an early stage of development, what means that the following is possible and may not be up for update in the spring of 2019.

A quick search comprehensive

It usually takes the search box top right of the window File Explorer File Explorer a long time before looking for results in files especially if you try a search on the entire parts of the tablet storage. Although the search bar with a list of “start” is considered a quick alternative, but it shows results only from settings, files default as images and documents.

In the Settings app will provide a new section to customize the search in Windows 10 within the process of indexing files stored fully, which will accelerate the research process so much, and because the process of indexing may put extra pressure on the disc especially when its the first time, there is placed an improved search you can exception some places to search.

The paper notes the new functions of the characteristic

Next coming notes Sticky Notes new design with organized presentation of all observations in a single box, will be available options for text formatting notes, it will also be recognized on links to websites to allow access to them directly, and most importantly is the support for automatic synchronization to the cloud with a web application, in other words: will enable access for notes access to a link on any internet-connected device can browse the web.

A new application to capture screen images

Instead of applying the Snipping Tool unlimited posts, Microsoft is working on application Snip & Sketch as a tool specializing in the capture screen images wherever you are on windows with many options to get images from add a colored border and include text and even print them directly from the app.

Uninstall apps Windows

The user can currently uninstall some of the preinstalled applications on Windows, such as Print3D and Skype, but some core apps can’t be uninstalled, and all you can do is remove them from the “Start”menu.

Unless you change Microsoft’s decision, expands the Windows 10 update coming in 2019 list of applications that can be uninstalled to run most of the apps already installed, including a calendar, calculator and music player “Groove” and sound recorder.

Connection problems

To avoid the problem of trafficking, will enable the user to manage the static IP address as well as setting the default location of the VPN directly from the application settings. And adopted Microsoft’s new icons reflect the status of the internet connection of the icon of the globe that appear in the case of failure to connect to the internet either by Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi or cellular network.

Other features

There are a number of advantages that may be significant, namely:

Settings page for Windows Halo Custom to prepare the fingerprint or facial next to means of other security has become ranked better.

Troubleshooting automatically: to fix the defect an emergency to work the microphone or the sky like, we can tool troubleshooting (troubleshoot) in Windows, but access to them may disobey the ordinary user. So Microsoft is working on a new setting included in the updates and security > Troubleshoot; uses this setting aggregated data from diagnostic computer to come by the suitable ads which treats of the device. However, don’t expect the efficiency of the work of this water any time soon.

The login window you’ll get the aesthetic improvements, most notably making the background blurry when you type the passcode.

– Add a new column in the task manager “Task Manager” shows you apps that can scale the window to fit adjustment mode of the windows on the windows.

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