How do you know if your account has been affected on Facebook yesterday breakthroughs?

After the spread of many of news about gap Facebook recent, the police investigation that the 29 million users had their account has been compromised for sure, and despite how bad this thing but that the company was finally able to know specifically any of the accounts has been hacked already.

Has announced the social network that in order to find out if your account is one of the victims of the gap is recent or not, you can log in to Facebook and then click here for access to the page for alarms and follow the security situation of your account and information recorded.

Include the page where the beginning of her quick summary of vulnerability has been discovered how to deal with them and the number of affected users, before requiring the intervention City at the end of to your account inside a blue box tell you briefly about the security of your personal information.

In the case of finding the selected message in red at the end of the page, check to make sure that your account and personal safe. did anyone have access to, but Facebook adds in the end saying that in the case of the discovery of any new, this page will be updated for all users.


In the case of the appearance of this message, it means that your personal data which includes name, email and phone number, in the case of add may have been accessed.

In addition, it is likely that the inventors were able to also have access to date of birth, sex, type of hardware that you use to enter Facebook, the language that you use on Facebook, marital status, religion, domicile, residence, work, education, the 10 latest sites you have logged in to Facebook, the latest 15 search you have done any pages or people you follow on Facebook.

This while using Facebook to comments, promise to disclose more information immediately.

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