How do you get the Evo 8 at a price of 499 dollars?!

Was to issue phones iPhone new this year, the Phone the XR and XR MAX have a significant impact on the prices of phones Evo previous years, especially phones last year that dropped their price significantly. Lowered Apple prices sell iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus to $ 599 and $ 699 respectively.

Now Apple announced about the deal more exciting for lovers of phones Evo who seek to get phone Evo recent the price is not exaggerated, where I started Apple sold models of the iPhone 8, which was renewed which has a capacity of 64 GB via its online store at the price of 499 for the Evo 8 !

Those phones on renew say $ 100 for the new version of the phone, and cites Apple’s freezing fully and to test their efficiency for yourself.

To ensure Apple to all devices that have been renewed with a battery new, the lens of the new camera fund, new white, but it may not get the original packaging.

This is a limited offer and is very fast on the stores of Apple, which quickly ran out of Evo 8 Plus which was priced at $ 599 is the other.

Link to get the Evo 8 at a price of $ 499

Keep in mind that these units have been refurbished by Apple itself, which means you have been tested and certified and cleaned and to provide them with a battery new, will come with a guarantee for one year you can extend it using AppleCare +.

Finally it is not known whether the iPhone 8 Plus that has been renovated will be again on the internet, but Apple still sells many models of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus renovated vs. 379 and 469$, respectively.

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