Camera iPhone XS Max is not better according to the DxOMark evaluation

Published DxOMark site specialized in assessments of the quality of audio for smartphones and lens cameras on those phones, where the published review camera iPhone XS and evaluation of its performance compared camera other phones. What is the arrangement of the camera of iPhone Apple’s flagship XS Max? What are the main advantages and disadvantages of photography is that the camera?

After assessing more than 1,500 photos and record videos in 4K quality for two hours, taking pictures in certain conditions, whether in the laboratory or in outdoor using the default camera application and settings only the default without any modifications to the images.

The company gave DxOMark iPhone XS Max lens holder dual 105 ° this result is higher by two points from the iPhone X the owner of the double lens also, but less than four points on the Huawei phone the author of a number of tripartite P20 Pro who has amassed 109 points. Thus reaped the phone Apple the Max second place.

And description camera iPhone XS as one of the best mobile cameras that have been tested at all, this is praise and admiration for the quality of audio and video excellent in bright light, details of good health, and high dynamic range very, To quote DxOMark.

Next image: iPhone XS Max on the left and in the middle XS in the right Huawei P20 Pro

He also praised the site improvements in HDR feature smartphone developed by Apple in the phone by XS and she said she’s doing a great job in providing more detail and shadows to the image. And because the iPhone XS Max has a chip A12 Bionic, it displays HDR images in real-time see the lens, so what you see you get in the course without any significant delay as it was previously in the organs of the iPhone traditional, This is something unique and there is no in of phones, the competition, as the report mentioned DxOMark.

Still images: advantages and disadvantages


◉ Export very well in bright lighting as well as in the internal environment.

◉ Good detail in all conditions.

◉ Vivid colors in most cases.

◉ Auto focus fast and accurate.

◉ Isolation very good target to be photographed and to address the wonderful points of light outside of the focus of the camera in the mode in the “bokeh effects” or what allows you to shoot the fog.

They aredefects

◉ Images often flash is weak.

◉ Distortion noticeable in the brightness in low light or in the shadows with high contrast.

◉ Distortion clear transfer and great in the photo details in close up shots or zoom.

The filming of the video

As for the export of the video has made camera iPhone XS score wonderful amounted to 96 points on a scale DxOMark thanks to the outstanding performance in bright lighting conditions. Thanks to chip A12 Bionic and provides sensors to sophisticated speed reading scene which also work to reduce the effects of the rolling shutter unwanted any effects of the lack of confidence during imaging, which due to its out of the picture blurred because of fast motion, to illustrate this see the following sections:

Video quality, 1080p for-iPhone XS Max

Video 1080p phone Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Video 1080p phone the Google Pixel 2

The advantages and disadvantages of shooting video in the iPhone XS Max


◉ A very wide dynamic range.

◉ Image stabilization very good.

◉ Autofocus a fast image.

◉ Image detail is good especially in the outdoors.

The clinic

◉ Sometimes the white balance is level when shooting in interior lighting.

◉ Deformation in brightness in low light.

When compared to the iPhone XS phone P20

IPhone, XS Max

Comes iPhone XS Max one of the best mobile cameras that have been tested in the ever, the camera offers image quality and video is excellent especially in high dynamic range so details are good. The advantage of autofocus and image stabilization quickly and efficiently, the camera is very reliable and provides good results consistently. So the export option phone XS is a successful option in every case.

Phone P20

What reminds on the scene is that the camera of your phone P20 swept iPhone, deservedly, that you see a reality can not be denied according to the studies held by. But check we will find that there are some fine details that don’t cast one. only a specialist, show the superiority of the iPhone XS on P20 or equal to two phones at some point.

For exposure “Exposure” in the sense of the amount of light falling on the camera sensor, the images we find that the two phones even. In the video we find the iPhone increases by 8 points. It is understood that the exposure works on show details if only more than alone then the expense of saturation of color to not find a sky saturated with blue, but tend to light color and thus lose the image of her beauty.

Given the color “Color” we will miss the phone P20 Pro one point in the audio and video.

The auto focus “Autofocus” shows miss a docking-iPhone XS at the rate of two points for each of video and audio, that see see of processor Apple A12 Bionic and operating system.

Thus, in the rest of the points are the numbers close. And in the end find the difference only 4 points for the specification of the camera P20 Pro high precision, which amount to 40 megapixels compared to 12 megapixels has the iPhone XS Max. Just imagine if the Apple phone camera accuracy 20 mega pixel camera only and not 40!!

What do you think about this report? And what if the Apple camera accuracy 40 mega pixels? Tell us in the comments.



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