Google set to design their application Files Go and change his name to the Files

قوقل تُعيد تصميم تطبيقها Files Go وتُغيّر إسمه إلى Files

With the end of last year, the company announced Google on its application Files Go and exclusively on the Android operating system, and I have talked about the app repeatedly, especially when it comes to this, and anyone who doesn’t know the app is a mixture between the browser and manager files with the possibilities and advantages of a wider able to Google them combined in one application to provide several services to the user.

In the meantime I got the app recently update a new “demo”, at least half as restructured and refinanced in full, where he changed his name from the Files Go to Files, and most importantly, access to design Material Design 2, therefore the color white became a tyrant over all its pages and divisions, along been replaced fonts by Product Sans your Google.

In relation to the functionality of the application, as the update didn’t change a thing, where regardless of the new name and appearance on, what we can we say that the functions of the basic cleaning functions and the review of the files the most advanced in the official version are the same in the demo version new.

Finally there are minor changes on the app icon, there are also amendments to the order of the sections, and again this update is a demo, in case you were not common in the test program, you can download the update file. APK from here.

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