Google Evolution series phones pixels available

Revealed the source code version number to 1.5 for the augmented reality ARCore on the list of devices that are new that will area, which was between her two new holds two codename Bonito and Sargo.

For the menu, we found the Huawei dead 20X, Onur 8X, Magic 2, OnePlus 6T, Shao water oxygenator 3 is phones advertised recently.

As for what raised the suspicion that the two phones of the manufacture of Google’s codename: bonito users; they are the names of the two types of fish, parking the famous selection of types of fish as symbolic of its organs.

These leaks line with the rumors appeared last August according to the development of the Google Phone Pixel average specifications works processor Snapdragon 710 to apply late this year or the first 2019.

If your health of rumors, after a quick search on Google, there may come a telephone bonito larger than src the ratio of group size between the two fish.

Source: Android Paul

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