Google Launches Cloud Scheduler to execute tasks via scheduling

قوقل تطلق خدمة Cloud Scheduler لتنظيم المهام عبر الجدولة الزمنية

The company launched the Google service schedule new service by the cloud called Cloud Scheduler aims to schedule tasks by Time powered by reading the self-content of orders, in the context of the complete cycle the work of developers in a semi-automatic during the performance of their jobs different provider through this service time and effort; by not requiring the developer has direct supervision of all steps of the task being performed manually.

And is any of the extensions to the HTTP/S service management messages Cloud Pub/Sub, with its multiple options as well as for applications, Google App Engine, under penalty of a Cloud Scheduler.

Said director of Product Management in the company Vinod Ramachandran during the company’s announcement about its new service, Task Scheduler is a mainstay in the arsenal of the developer where the help provided by the task to run the scheduled maintenance of the system automatically, he noted the existence of challenges facing the scheduling system on the same scale of the challenges to its traditional technology in this regard; in relation to the management of infrastructure, processes and re-run the task in addition to the lack of holistic vision clear about the status of the task in such cases.

Explained Ramachandran to a Cloud Scheduler, which are still in the process of the business included in the time current to achieve the desired objective, in the time that the send task to the App Engine or Pub/Sub will be the services themselves, although through the code stating the success or failure of the operation.

Provides Google Developers the chance to do three missions for FREE per month via the new service, but in the case of the increase of this number every new mission will be 10 cents.

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