Soon on Android: to use the app you must update

Perhaps the most prominent solutions that we’re looking for when we find the application not working as it should is to search for the update for this app, in the default mode do not release updates only connect to Wi-Fi, with an option for manual update once the internet connection whether it is WiFi or through mobile data.

Thanks to the application programming interface, which announced by Google during the Android Developers Conference held these days, it would be the developers option to force updates on the users while using the app.

Which allows updates within the app, where it will undergo the developers force the update in one of two ways: immediate and flexible; for for updates, the prompt will appear when you open the message app required the user to update even be able to use the app, and is expected to benefit from this option when you being updates, critical and influential.

The updates floppy, will allow the user the option to postpone the update, and in case of its approval will enable him to resume using the app until you download and install the update in the background and after that is shows request to restart the app so that it can take advantage of the features updated.

Still the point of programming new applications being tested by some developers, will soon be available for all developers apps Google Play.

Source: Android Developers

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