Facebook reveal the circumstances of the problem breakthrough 50 million accounts last

فيسبوك تكشف ملابسات مشكلة اختراق 50 مليون حساب الأخيرة

Experience Facebook two weeks ago hit a new powerful due to the intrusions and violations of the privacy of users, where said information about 50 million accounts on the network have been leaked due to a loophole in the sharing feature as or ” View As” on the network.

The company says it is after investigation in the matter, has found that among the 50 million who were exposed to penetration was only 30 million of them know they have to doctor the data.

And for each person registered on the network code token “token” of its own, this Code provides all the data relating to the account which can be accessed through the stole.

According to what the company published, the inventors used the technique and tool work on the development between accounts and friends associated with them to steal their tokens “token,” has affected 400,000 account that it was leaking data to contact and basic information the names of the talks (without knowing the content of the messages), and after him, the accounts similar to account for their availability on the network, which means that some users were seeing a copy of their accounts in front of them (I got some of my friends), and of course it is when you add that account to friends, all of them will be affected by penetration, without the knowledge that this account is another version of lab energy.

Has disappeared through theft of code 400,000 rhythm of about 30 million accounts in the problem of the hack, and 15 million of them to steal e-mail and contact data, about 14 million of them may know they steal all the information in their accounts, and of course the general information such as religion, gender, birth date, and leaked to both parties. The last movie one can take the information from him.

Can anyone find out if his account know of any leaking through this through the support here.

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