Facebook deleted hundreds of pages and accounts again.

فيسبوك تحذف مئات الصفحات والحسابات مجددًا

Since the scandal the famous Cambridge that hit Facebook the company a lot of actions to earn the trust of the users and confirm their quest to protect their privacy, the earlier the deletion of hundreds of pages relating to the election of America and other pages Phantom, in addition to turn off third-party applications. Having completed it by deleting hundreds of pages and new accounts.

The company said in a published statement, it has to delete the 599 page 251 account the lack of commitment to the laws put in place by the company and the content of the illusion.

It can be said that most of these pages and accounts has been promoted to news related to politics and impact on American public opinion.

On the other hand, has Facebook stopped services for the Russian company SocialDataHub delete 66 account page connected with on the network, so that the Russian company says the violation of privacy and user data across its applications are associated in the network to use.

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