Shopping cart self-driving; the other projects LG

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Away from smart phones and computers, puts the LG itself as one of the most important technology companies of electronics in the world of a huge number of services and devices high-quality the advantages of a large. But this time it will be away from the traditional use, as the company began work on the shopping cart self-driving.

Designed LG of the new project in partnership with E-Mart the largest supermarket chain in Korea, to provide convenience for shoppers by making the carriages to follow them while shopping protection purposes until the round ends, and it doesn’t even make the shopper a great effort in pushing or tow vehicles.

In order to last, the LG is also seeking to make vehicles self-driving the way to provide time to calculate the price of the products and obtaining the payment, so that the bride can wipe code for each product (barcode) once you put it inside her and then will appear a list of prices on a small screen in the cart, which means to pay directly without the need to calculate the power when the seller or the cashier.

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