A startup precedes Samsung’s first foldable phone

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In a time where the World release of the phone Galaxy X rollaway, by Samsung, appeared another company emerging in the horizon, across the width of the phone to talk to who enjoys the same amazing property, to look like a giant electronics in the world successfully.

Phone, towels folding

I didn’t expect a lot with the approaching date of the issuance of the company Samsung for talk Galaxy X, and that the folding, to say the other company issue a phone conversation with the same water, but that’s what happened a few hours ago, when the company announced Royole Chinese, version of the phone by the folding of the model FlexPai.

Praised by many specialists that bold step, which ended out a smart phone to the light, already holds a property folding screen plastic, up to 7.8 inch, but is it a special phone already?

Track Carissa Bell, from the site Mashable competent with technology: “it sounds a little weird, but in the end, the phone FlexPai his promises, when we find it contains a folding screen”.

Not favorite phone

On the other side, referred Carissa to some obvious problems, which can be observed easily through the phone FlexPai, where she said: “You can’t fold the device completely, while it’s hard to hold him too.” he said, adding: “When the folds of the phone you can hear the crackling sound, what made me wonder about it, to me the manufacturer that all of these crises going back to the adhesive used in samples engineering”.

Support Nick Park, site of The Verge, said his colleague, Charissa, when confirming that the folds of the phone converts it into a bulky device, not the features of modern smartphones, indicating that the phone company Royole carrying version customized Android 9.0, increase the slowness of the phone clearly, to know his own phone FlexPai saying: “for me, it is just a phone from the first generation free.”

For its part, made clear the manufacturer to value the past for its modern $ 1318 $ for the case of the memory storage of 128 GB, and about 1469 did not carry a memory of 256 GB, according to Mashable, note that the release of the phone officially in the market, it will be during December only in China, will be in the United States as a model developer.

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