Intel announces the producers of a new series of Xeon

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Intel announced the annexation of therapists new to the series its well-known Xeon first called Cascade Lake, which is one of a series of the second generation for Xeon Scalable expected to be launched by Intel in the first half of next year, describing his company with the performance and it is designed to do the job. computerized quickly and efficiently high, the processor and the other is Xeon E-2100 source of small and medium business form processor monocular with six cores.

It features the Intel Developer Cascade Lake to fit on the number of memory channels than any another processor in addition to the unit can be upgraded to 48 cores per processor 12, memory random access DDR for each socket to connect with it works with deep learning being also equipped with artificial intelligence which provides fast performance and image processing at a rate 17 times faster in the second compared with the processor Intel Xeon Platinum the time of its launch.

While processor Xeon E-2100 supports workloads that are compatible with the level servers entry which meet the needs of small and medium business in terms of sharing data across the network protecting the data and memory and the mechanism for logging in to the company and others, this processor is considered to be of the day unlike the Cascade Lake expected to launch in the next year.

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