Apple may be considering to invest in iHeartRadio, according to a new report


Largest radio in the United States of America, and here the iHeartMedia is in a position unenviable. I have debts up to $ 20 million and filed for bankruptcy protection in March. The company was exploring the possibility of getting investments from many companies that it is said that Apple is one of them. She wants to conclude a deal before the submission of the plan of restructuring the company for bankruptcy.

Reported the newspaper The Financial Times that Apple is one of the companies that are considering investing in a company iHeartMedia. The latter may be willing to give up a share of the stock exchange for millions of dollars. And tell one of the sources the author of the report that the deal between the two companies can look as a partnership marketing instead of pumping funds directly from Apple.

If agreement is reached between the two companies, it allows it to distribute the radio Apple Music’s Beats 1 more. It is currently available only on iTunes and Apple Music. Thus, the ability to access this station on iHeartRadio lends itself to the possibility that help in the growth of the user base of the Apple Music dramatically.

iHeartRadio is a dominant force in the radio sector, despite its problems. It has more than 850 stations and influence in the field of music thanks to events such as the ceremony Music Awards iHeartRadio Music Awards. The police didn’t know yet on the possibility of signing a potential deal with Apple, and did not hear anything further from Apple until now.


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