Fitbit bracelet watch 2 sports available at a discount of 51$

Is the Fitbit of the most famous companies working in the field of wearables, offering many sports wristbands and smart watches that help you keep track of the style day of activities and exercises for sports and sleeping, which is characterized by accuracy and simplicity of Use, and that’s why we offer you today a Fitbit bracelet to you 2 sports available at a discount $ 51.

Fitbit Charge 2

Deal: Fitbit Charge 2 is on sale for 35% off on Amazon (U.S. version)

  • Durable measurement of the heartbeat in order to calculate the rate of burning calories better
  • Tracking automatic time and quality of sleep.
  • And monitor the various heartbeat by exercise
  • The points system for fitness designed to help improve athletic performance
  • The GPS system connected to the stats of the instantaneous distance running and kilometers/minute.
  • Keep track of all the activities of daily steps and distance and the number of stamps received
  • Synchronize all activities with the computer and more than 200 phone Android and iOS in addition to Windows automatically

Price before offer: 150$

Price after offer:$99 a

Buy link: click here

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