Samsung unveils new interface for landed know بOne UI

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Revealed the Korean giant today announced a new user interface, One UI, which is designed to see a new one based on the operating system Andorid support experience clear and smooth for the user.

Samsung- new-One UI

Come interface One UI system landed with a new design with many new features, which include the design of the new rounded corners for the icons of applications, and has been reduced to icons in the main interface to a small group, offer the clearest in the screen, and among the most used applications.

The fact the new One UI the new version which is followed by interface Samsung Samsung Experience which is the initial mode for the interface that replaced the address of the interface TouchWiz.

Also among the new features that come out interface, One UI, in the Focus Blocks that operate on the collection of settings that are associated with each other in one group for a seamless experience for the user.

As the interface supports One UI users of Samsung phones possible the company’s big to manage applications and tasks on the phone and or development is fast and the renewal of the best.

Samsung- One UI-3

Has reviewed Samsung’s idea in the Messages application, for example, where the screen is divided into three sections so that it appears the top section of the screen to display messages at the top of the screen, while the second part to support the user to perform actions to reply or read messages, or delete them for example, while clicking on messages at the bottom shows a quick preview of the messages selected at the top.

How come the new user interface, One UI to deliver a seamless experience in the Quick View buttons appear at the bottom of the screen for easy access.

Samsung also confirmed that the interface, One UI does not need a lot of actions from the user, where the user can manage interface for rapid display of the content or the nurses.

Samsung- One UI-1

Night mode is also one of the nurses provided by Samsung in a user interface, One UI, where Samsung offers a Theo dark or black for the user interface supports a more comfortable experience for the work.

Also Samsung offers a feature to balance the colors of the user interface with the color of the phone, for example if the color of the Galaxy Note 9 is Violet, the user can choose the unification of this color also in the user interface.

Has reviewed the Samsung interface, One UI through the display photographer for one phone and various companies, where she appeared interface, One UI design and clear and smooth and more comfortable to work, as featured tools view weather by designing smaller, with design gray transparent search window in Google.

Projections indicate that the interface is One UI will be launched for the first time with the release of Samsung’s possible Galaxy S10 expected to be announced during the month of February next year.


This topic Samsung unveils new interface for landed know بOne UI appeared on Engadget.

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