Samsung unveils UI One UI to facilitate the use of big phones

سامسونج تكشف عن واجهة المستخدم One UI لتسهيل استخدام الهواتف الكبيرة

Samsung has announced at the developer conference yesterday about the new user interface on behalf of One UI which aims to standardize the form of the user interface and facilitate the use of phones with big screens, which the company began providing on its phones leading mainly.

Include the new user interface additional attributes and simple, where they come up with the angles more rounded, the colors about the applications, the design of different icons, shape applications, so as to make the use of applications on large screen more easily than the former.

The company says the larger screen size makes it more difficult to get all the advantages of applications with one hand while holding the phone, which is similar to the application of the former, but the new interface has changed to become all the icons of applications close to the user’s hand, which makes the use easier and more comfortable.

As that fact became provide applications within a specific place and smaller on the screen by making the top part contains a previous date, while the apps are down, which means access to better private and the user is always holding the phone from the bottom.

And the other new, in fact, is that the night mode will be present on the user interface in general, after it was convinced to launch some applications, is now provided by Samsung system fully.

Will the media gallery interface with One UI more different, to show the folders audio and video angles rounded and separate the biggest from the some.

Can say that the new interface of Samsung is based on the area make the vision a separate area to use and light on the icons which will benefit the user of all the screen, but will be able to control the negative part almost and closer to the way Musk.

The company says that this fact is the most developed, most focused on the way the user with it. It will be available on the Android platform 9.0 Bay last latest phones leading.

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