Samsung unveils the first device to a flexible foldable

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Samsung unveils the first device to a flexible foldable

Samsung unveils the first device to a flexible foldable

Since 2014 we hear and we you in WoT should I Samsung develops flexible screens his preparation for the first telephone edema foldable screen, with monthly reports on how the evolution of the work in this project .

Now after all these years, revealed Samsung for the first time officially about the model of the first device you need a flexible, moving screen phone 4.7 inch to tablet screen 7.3 inch.

The enormous task of the phone folding is to prove its usefulness before all, or it will remain just a cool design and just focus, and at a price too high not available for everyone.

Samsung says that in front of her, a difficult task in this regard to prove the importance to have a phone you can fold and put it in your pocket then convert it to the big screen time too, and it’s a revolution in the world of smartphones and smart devices, the computer too.

Interface One UI

To answer Samsung phone trust me I know the Korean company about the new interface bears the name of One UI, was a companion to his new phone and maybe move to the rest of the phones the leading company in the next year.

The new interface takes you smoothly from the screen smaller to a larger screen, in addition, users can browse, watch, and connect, and multi-tasking without losing anything.

Interesting also that the new interface allows you to run up to three apps at one time .

When, where, and we’ll watch and phone Samsung collapsible

We have to wait until early next year, probably at CES in Las Vegas to have a good look on the final model of Samsung’s revolutionary new.

Samsung did not announce the price of the phone available yet, but its confirmed that the screen flex will enter the production lines permanently over the next few weeks .

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