Samsung know tomorrow some of the features of the phone rollaway

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سامسونج تعرض غدًا بعض ميزات الهاتف القابل للطي

Official confirmed the in the company of Samsung that the company intends to unveil some of the features of her smart phone foldable long-awaited day tomorrow within the activities of its annual conference for developers, with the intention to show the phone to developers and the public to gather feedback early, although the official, who did not mention his name, you might think that this “different approach” to the way the version that you prefer the South Korean company for the phone of its leading, He said that this approach is necessary now given that the phone rollaway is a completely new concept in terms of design and user experience.

And the company to move away from its policy of keeping the plans of its products secretly very anxious to make smartphone folding as the next big thing, and therefore the company intends to provide some details of the main features of the phone app developers this week, the goal is to get the comments, where they require new technologies from the developers to modify applications to make sure it works smoothly when folding your phone.

Need Samsung to make smartphone folding works correctly hope that helps in reversing the sharp decline in the earnings section of mobile phones and restore some preference to the possible lost of its brand in favor of Apple, and confirm this step also on the new level of caution in the layout of the house after the big cost incurred by the company in 2016 due to the crisis of her smart phone Galaxy Note Galaxy Note 7.

The official said: “unlike our leading products, the phone rollaway is a completely new concept in terms of design and user experience, which requires a different approach, and we want to share with developers what we’ve done so far and see what they are thinking before it reaches the market,” and phones collapsible awareness of the opportunity to consumers to carry out more complex and is performed usually on a tablet or laptop, but using a mobile phone has become more complicated.

And technology company, the South Korean giant is among a handful of companies which indicated that flip phones will reach the market soon, although they have been silent so far in relation to the schedule exactly, and analysts expect to be the release date in the first half of 2019, no later than next year, which makes the Samsung face the risk of county phones the new Apple TV.

He said the Chinese company Huawei’s plans to roll out a smartphone supporting networks fifth generation 5G with screen folding in the middle of 2019, however, has revealed the company Royole emerging fact based in California in the last week about telephone retractable FlexPai with a screen size of 7.8 inches, the starting price of $ 1,300, said it will begin charging the device, a combination between smart phone and tablet PCs, in the month of December.

Said Lee Kyung tae Lee Kyeong-tae, vice president of Samsung Mobile Communications, last week, the user interface of the phone will be unveiled at the developers conference the company’s annual meeting in San Francisco on Wednesday, said another official at Samsung familiar with the topic she will be the first time that the detailed photos of the new phone publicly.

Some analysts, in that there is a big appetite for such a product, said Greg Roy, Greg Roh, analyst at HMC Investment & Securities: “you need to Samsung in the first place to show that these phones commercially viable, and in the case became well-established enough to take a place within the group’s main products such as S-series and Note-series, it may assist in improving the activity of the company in the sector of mobile devices the loser”.

Posted by Samsung Mobile on Sunday, November 4, 2018

The gate Arab News Technical Samsung know tomorrow some of the features of the phone rollaway

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