Samsung know of the prototype for its folding

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سامسونج تعرض النموذج الأولي لهاتفها القابل للطي

The company exploited Samsung’s this year’s version of the events of the annual conference of developers Samsung Developer Conference 2018 in San Francisco for the presentation of a prototype for its smart folding long-awaited, where it appeared that the initial model like a traditional telephone when folded, with the supplied screen $ 7.3 inch when you open it, clarified with Samsung that it hid many of the elements of the real design of the device, but she wanted to use the opportunity to show how the UI and UX on a flexible screen, so that developers can submit apps working on improving it.

The phone can run up to three apps at one time, using something launched you Samsung name Multi Active Window, and includes a new phone one of the forms of design that allows users to someday carry phones that can be placed comfortably within a pocket, as it reveals The Shape of the design on a larger screen like a tablet when you open it.

It uses a prototype phone, which doesn’t have a name or a final design yet, the technology offered a completely new folding called Samsung Infinity Flex, which allow in turn to manufacturers like Samsung create new hardware and unique like the phone rollaway which becomes a device similar to a tablet with a larger screen when you open it, it says Samsung’s display is solid enough so that it can be folded hundreds of thousands of times.

The company described the screen of the Infinity Flex as the foundation for tomorrow’s smart, and we had the invention of new materials in order to make this screen a reality, and re-thinking in the design of the screen of the smartphone from the ground up, where this quality of the screens of multiple components, including the backplane, flexible and elastic below the surface, with a thin layer of absorbent shocks and the cover can be folded repeatedly.

And the screen of the Infinity Flex with a completely new user interface, One UI a new kind of mobile experience, allowing users to do things they can’t do it using ordinary smartphone, where users are now smartphone small size detect screen immersive view for multitasking, watch content.


And Experience app to move the user smoothly from the screen smaller to a larger screen when you open the device, users can also design and viewing communication simultaneously using three applications active on a larger screen without losing anything.

The company plans to ask a consumer product that includes this technology in the year 2019, said DJ Cohen DJ Koh, president and executive director of the Department of Information Technology and communications at Samsung, in a statement: “the collapsible screen put the foundation stone for a new kind of mobile experience. We are excited to work with the developers on this new platform to provide new value to our customers.”

Announced that Samsung, besides the new screen folding, they work on the display of perishable and states, said Justin Denison
Justin Denison, executive vice president of Product Marketing, Mobile if Samsung is able in a matter of months to start the process of mass production to the screen of the Infinity Flex.

Got this phone, formerly codenamed the Galaxy X or the Galaxy F, A lot of rumors and leaks, as indicated previous leaks that the phone comes screen measuring 7.3 inches, the storage capacity of 512 GB, while the other expectations that includes three screens 3.5 inch for each screen, with the card curved from Samsung with a capacity ranging between 3000 and 6000 mAh.

It was one of the police officials had confirmed the intention of the giant South Korean display some of the features of this phone, with the intention to show the phone to developers and the public to gather feedback early, which form a different approach for its policy of maintaining the HSA plans are top secret, the official said that this approach is necessary now given that the phone rollaway is a completely new concept in terms of design and user experience.

The gate Arab News Technical Samsung know the prototype for its folding

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