Samsung launches “Samsung’s partners rebel” for its phones in the Middle East

Samsung Electronics announced Samsung Middle East and North Africa, announced the launch of the Partner Program Samsung the rebels, a new program designed specifically for the mobile phone business in the Middle East Region, and aims to improve co-benefits and distributors of Samsung phones with the technologies and innovative solutions, and to help them achieve greater sales.

Said alone, are, Chief, Information Technology Unit and communications business in Samsung Electronics Middle East and North Africa: “in the shadow of developments in a rapidly changing sector of mobile phones including contributed to enhancing market competitiveness, we strive in Samsung through our new software to enhance our relationship with business partners in the field of mobile phones, as we trust they enjoy great potential to strengthen their market share to become the leading companies. We therefore commit ourselves to provide all forms of support to them, where comes the launch of this innovative program is further proof of our efforts in this framework”.

According to a press release, the partners program has many advantages that help them to enhance their skills and experience, including to provide incentives and rewards financial, providing funds to regulate the market, promotions and training at the Academy of the Samsung partners in the field of mobile phones and through the internet, with the aim of enhancing the selling skills and technical skills, in addition to give them marketing support, such as a logo partner of Samsung, collateral, events marketing, has been the design partner program Samsung the rebels in the field of mobile phones to enhance the performance of business partners and provide them with competitive advantages and development of their specialized expertise.

For his part, says Mohamed Madkour, head of sector for corporate cell phones in Samsung Electronics Egypt: “we received the full support of the regional headquarters for Samsung in the region to implement the programme partners Samsung the rebels in Egypt. The program helps partners of Samsung in communicating the message of Samsung in a more effective manner, which will reflect positively on the brand for Samsung, and to maintain its strong position among its competitors”.

The program provides partners Samsung the rebels access to Academy Samsung for mobile phones business, which offers training courses within the academy and through the internet, while providing more information about Samsung phones mobile to enhance the skills of partners enabling them to meet the needs of their clients better.

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