Officially: announced the Huawei TalkBand B5 with Bluetooth removable

Inaugurated today Huawei bracelet TalkBand B5 smart, officially as the newest police wearable.

It may seem TalkBand B5 bracelet sports a traditional at first sight, with touch screen 1.13 inch for layered with 2.5 D glass, but in fact we find that the screen is a separate piece from the bracelet can be used at any time, like Bluetooth allows to answer calls via connect the phone with any Android phone or iPhone, but that some characteristics such as the display of Caller ID on the screen of the phone and turn off the sound of them benefit not only Huawei phones F. Steiner.

It also includes the TalkBand B5 number of characteristics related to physical fitness such as monitoring the heartbeat continuously, the ability to track different activities such as walking, running and cycling with the ability to put the goals of various sports and group access, in addition to the ability to track The activities of the swim thanks to resistant the bracelet is waterproof and dustproof.

Huawei announced that it will give prices over the next week on 18 July, with the start of sales to China on 20, provided with the TalkBand B5 to other markets the end of this summer.

Huawei announces TalkBand B5 wearable with pop-out Bluetooth headset


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