Officially: Samsung reveal her phone rollaway for the first time

Passed 5 years since the beginning of the registry on Start Samsung work on the development of a phone with a folding screen, so that the number of analysts were able to of two prototypes in 2013, but the Korean manufacturer announced today finally announced the start of a new era to the industry of smartphones through its review of the first model of her phone, rollaway officially during the conference of developers of the company.

This Samsung research from 2011 shows a bendy part that flexed 100,000 times without image degradation

Due to detect the Samsung about the first details of her phone rollaway during the conference the developers desire to develop a unique interface of its own, in order to prove its usefulness and its for everyone.

In this regard, the president of Samsung for the interface, One UI the all-new and made specifically for phones with screens folding, where you will allow to run up to 3 apps simultaneously on one screen, with the possibility to display two apps only on the big screen and the third port on the external screen is small.

Design and specifications of the Samsung phone is the screen of the Infinity flex

Samsung's foldable Infinity Flex display is a design marvel, ready for the bendable phone release

The phone comes design folding inside with an external screen is small for notifications and applications, in addition to the internal screen an extremely large value of 7.3 inches with the ability to open the phone and close it is similar to the governor savers glasses, despite how thick it big, but many people stressed the lack of interest about it that much, compared to get the advantages of unique and New.

Interface One UI for phones folding

Samsung's new One UI bottom-half interface is created with foldables in mind, soon in beta for your Galaxy S9 or Note 9

Blend screen Infinity flex with the facade of the One new UI to provide a new type of smartphone experience, allowing users to perform functions not available to them before, like get a small phone in size with the possibility of opening another large screen when you need with full support to multi-task and watch and read different types of content.

Samsung's foldable Infinity Flex display is a design marvel, ready to go into bendable phones

Working on a smooth transition is extremely of the screen smaller to larger through the process of unlocking the phone, without having any type of slowness or suspension, allowing the follow-up work or viewing on a larger screen.

The date of the offering and the prices

I didn’t reveal Samsung for any information regarding the date raised or the prices of the phone by folding the new yet, so we’ll have to wait until early next year to see the official disclosure of full, which is what will happen most likely during the CES consumer electronics in Las Vegas.

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