Officially: the first foldable phone, the Samsung

رسمياً: أول هاتف قابل للطي من سامسونج

We’ve talked about the intention of the company Samsung Korean ask a foldable phone during the next conference of developers which already talked about him and his main goal is to provide the development of an intelligent personal assistant “piece” of Samsung Developers step by Samsung in order to provide more nurses, which may drive the average user to use her personal assistant instead of the Assistant Google Smart وSiri with Apple.


Here are the company Samsung has officially announced today by the conference for the first phones that has a folding screen fully launched by the company name “Infinity Flex Display” the company has organized during the conference to change the style of office lighting for the standby to detect the new phone came out IT department marketing phones Justin Denison he holds the new phone in the dim light to talk about the phone possesses a screen size of the screen of the tablet devices which is retractable to become the size of ordinary smart phones for you to carry it easily and put it in your pocket and development.

The phone has a screen of the first external used as a normal phone and the other size up to 7.3 inch according to the announcement made by Mr. Denison, the phone can run about three apps at one time easily and flexibly by the technique called Samsung the name “multi active window” without further details on the specification of the internal phone.

Shows the production of such screens folding at the level of business in huge numbers is a big challenge for the company however, according to official statements, the Samsung will be able to commercial production of the new phone in a few months from now.

And learn Samsung about the material associated with problems such as these phones commercially so far, either by the company Google Meet the Android operating system it’s part of her support like the kind of young rollaway has worked directly with Samsung to develop such qualities of phones in addition to submission tips, basic for software developers to be able to develop software for screens folding directly using characteristics that are already added to the operating system.

And don’t think Samsung is the only company working on such technology have announced all of Huawei’s share in addition to Lenovo for their development of such screens already, would be the future of phones screens folding out?

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