Dropbox allows modification on the files and share them across other platforms

دروب بوكس تتيح التعديل على الملفات ومشاركتها عبر المنصات الأخرى - dropbox

Announced the Dropbox cloud service, known in the watch and save the files and browse them on the big update came to the home to make it more integrated. Since they will be extras to allow file sharing and the different types across the region, will also seek amendment through its platform directly.

This step comes after the signing of the home purchase with Adobe, DocuSign, Autodesk, platform Vimeo video, airSlate, and HelloSign, the Nitro, the Smallpdf, and Pixlr.

And update new opportunities for users to make modifications on the PDF files and signed directly on the network in different ways, as is clear from the platforms of the new partnership in this area, as well as help the network to print files or stored via the scanner directly, in addition to sent in ways that is easy.

And users can also procedure updates, comments on videos, images, and adjusted directly through the area without the need to do this in other places and then raised them. And, of course, they will be able to share and synchronize files in an easy to reach adjustments for all empowered to share.

Was Dropbox has partnership with Zoom to make a video call for business across the region, as it provided a feature to scan and extract text from images OCR which makes them with the latest updates of what the business makes of those services is a key in attracting to use them.

New updates will be released to users in November 27 of the current, and since there are hundreds of billions of different files on the platform, the user will be an integrated environment to do most tasks without the need to make adjustments and again at home as was happening previously.

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