Feature WhatsApp Status will begin to show ads in the near future

WhatsApp Status

Paid Facebook company up to US $ 16 billion to acquire WhatsApp. After completing this page, many wondered since then about how to buy Facebook monetize WhatsApp. Came the answer earlier this year when it turns out that the WhatsApp Status more commonly known as Stories will be used to display ads. Revealed one of the company’s executives that this will be the primary means to improve the income of WhatsApp.

The way the features work, WhatsApp Status similar to the workings of the Stories in the application Instagram. Thus, we are not surprised when we heard that Facebook plans to show ads also feature WhatsApp Status due to it actually started a while ago to display ads in property Stories on Instagram, which was a great success all over the world.

Stressed the vice president of WhatsApp, Mr. Chris Daniels that the company has already reported that they will be advertising in the property WhatsApp Status. He added : ” This will put an initial to improve the income of the company, as well as providing the opportunity for businesses to reach people on WhatsApp “.

When I was even asked if he was able to provide a specific time frame for the arrival of ads to WhatsApp, it was explained to Mr. Chris Daniels that he had no history currently share with the audience. However, many reports indicate that the ads are going to feature WhatsApp Status sooner rather than later.


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