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Started Company Google yesterday’s summit, the developers of the system to mobile devices the Android platform Android Dev Summit at the Museum of the history of the situation in Mountain View, California, the company provided a look back for the past ten on the Android platform, along with its review of a number of important new features for developers, including access to the Android on tacit support for smart devices folding and the possibility to continue to use the Android app during the update, and updates program Android Studio Android Studio applications instant.

Android supports within the devices, folding

Google has announced its support to the devices for folding, a smart phone equipped with a folding aperture so that turns your phone into what looks like a tablet, said The Mountain View company she works with a number of hardware manufacturers, including Samsung, to Android in conformity with the shape and design of the new flexible and midwives curvature.

Said Dave Burke Dave Burke, vice president of Engineering at Android, said that Google is working on enhancing the Android platform to take advantage of the shape and design of this new as little as of need to work when necessary, we work closely with Samsung on the new device are planning to launch it early next year.

The company is trying to steer developers to use existing water currently named “Screen Continuity”, which is about the application programming interface Android tell apps when you change the screen size or its direction, and encourages developers to make use of them correctly, the developers of Android apps basically create a number of formatting and content for investigation so that the application is displayed properly via smart phones and tablets with screens of different sizes, accuracy, and density.

Should be on the developer is now adding a new format to improve the app and make it work smoothly on devices folding, where the Android with flexible displays at the moment as the individual, said Sagar car Sagar Kamdar, Director of Product Management at Google: “the shape design of the new adds new use cases to this current pattern, we use many different ways to ensure a smoother experience of users in relation to equipment folding”.

And a giant sea battle level against the retail on the Android platform, and form designs of the new inflection point is possible, as with the help manufacturers create devices similar, they need software that can support it, and in case you didn’t Google to impose its view on how to work this program, each manufacturer will come out of solution, which increases the fragmentation of the ecosystem for Android.

Continue to use the app during the update

Police uncovered within the summit about the new feature allows users to continue to use the Android apps during the update, and advertise this feature as part of the application programming interface In-App of Android, which Google said it is under testing currently and will be put forward by the developers soon, and this fact developers new options to force users to update, which accelerates the spread of app updates.

One option is to try full-screen for updates important to alert the user to the presence of update in the case of the developer was expected to overlook the user of the update, which makes the developer able to through this option to force the user to update the app, have the user unsubscribe option in the update in case of failure to connect to a WiFi network or low battery or for any other reason.

In the second option is considered more flexible and customized for the updates of lesser importance, so that the user can continue to use the app while downloading update in the background, with the application of the new update when running the following for the application, these options are intended mainly to push users to update their apps, and is considered a victory for users who don’t want to bother them because of the update, in addition to considered a win for developers who want users to use the latest version of their application.

The gate Arab News Technical Google: Android supports within the devices, folding

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