Your Portal.. the eyes of Facebook new in your home

Despite the availability of his company to Facebook during the recent period, it is clear that this will not change anything in their schemes. Revealed company Facebook for new hardware dedicated to video chats on behalf of Portal وPortal Plus.

The new hardware video talks through the techniques of artificial intelligence, even “track you in your home” as a description of the company, with their support to play music Support Assistant artificial intelligence Alexa from Amazon.

And now it seems perfect timing to be Facebook for the products available in the home, the police were not able to protect 50 million Facebook account from the hack, where the company has not disclosed so far about those behind the hack and details of hack process clearly to the users.

As an added bonus, allows Facebook I visited called Kill Switch, which stops the circle of the camera and microphone. fully according to the description of the company. When pressing this button does not pause the camera but separated with a microphone, which was supposed to stop the prospect of the hack completely. We don’t know how possible that you trust on Facebook now anyway, Zuckerberg himself doesn’t seem confident in the ability of other companies to protect it from the hack where it appeared that in it is put a sticker on the camera to his computer.

And technical specifications for computer hardware new The Portal comes with a 10-inch 720P compared to the screen of 15 inch 1080P for your Portal Plus the biggest. Both devices come with a camera accurately 12 megapixel technology supports artificial intelligence for faces and focus on them with the change of its place within the room.

In spite of the hardware support to develop Spotify only that the devices do not enjoy the presence of YouTube and Internet Browser, a step that does not look good in any form. And devices Facebook new account entry Messenger your to start video conversations through the device. When you are not using your device displays photos of your Facebook photos that have been added to you from your friends.

The new devices come at $ 199 for your Portal 349 $ for the Portal Plus, and the prices are great too don’t seem logical in any form, especially with the presence of strong competition from other companies many large and scattered in the different markets already.

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