Your iPad Pro 2018 also results in understanding the performance of computers, Windows competition

iPad Pro 2018

Revealed the results achieved by the iPad Pro 2018 New performance tests that this device tablet powerful as a group of computers MacBook Pro. It seems that performance tests additional conducted by the website Laptop Mag has revealed that the iPad Pro 2018 new offers better performance from the computers of the Windows competition.

For example, in a test of multiple cores, achieved iPad Pro 2018 towards 17995 points, while tablet devices supported by Windows such as the Dell XPS 13 equipped with Intel Core i7 and a Surface Pro 6 Not only achieved 14180 points and 13025 points, respectively.

Also shows the superiority of iPad Pro 2018 new task to edit the videos, it took iPad Pro 2018 seven minutes and 47 seconds to download 4K video for a period of 12 minutes using Adobe Rush, while it took the computers like the Dell XPS 13 about 31 minutes, three seconds, and computer Surface Pro 6 about 31 minutes and 54 seconds note that he could also win a copy of the 13-inch MacBook Pro which took me 25 minutes and 53 seconds.

Was the process of editing photos quick and also converting 50 RAW file to JPG in Adobe Lightroom in just 59 seconds, while it took the computers of the competition more than a minute, including the Dell XPS 13, which took two minutes. However, it should be noted that, although the iPad Pro 2018 says a certain task better compared with laptops running Windows, these tests are only one part of the story.

So far, all the reviews obtained by the iPad Pro 2018 positive, no one can deny that the iPad Pro 2018 New enjoy enormous power thanks to the new processor Apple A12X Bionic, but in the end may not be restricted because of the gear, but because of the use for iOS, which is limited, at least compared to other operating systems such as Windows or even MacOS. Despite that, it highlights the power of the processors Apple A Series, especially in light of rumors that Apple is planning to abandon the Intel processors and the use of processors in future versions of computers MacBook.


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