Technology Face ID will become the best in phones iPhone coming next year

iPhone X TrueDepth Face ID

Despite the absence of any error in a property Face ID, we assume that there is always room for learning, such as the ability to read the contours of the face faster, and maybe improve this technique in environments of low lighting. The good news is that it seems to be iPhone coming in next year you will get an improved version of the feature Face ID.

This according to the old Chinese Ming-Chi Kuo, who explained that in the year 2019, it is expected that Apple detects an enhanced version of the feature Face ID. It includes some changes that will get this property to reduce the effect of invisible light from the surrounding environment, thanks to the use of light flowing which would help in making the task of face recognition better and more accurate.

The new version of the feature Face ID will all models iPhone that will be released in the next year. It is not clear whether these are the only ones that get it feature Face ID in the models coming from the iPhone in the year 2019, but is supposed to lead to use light flow to fix some of the problems that we have mentioned above, such as the detection of the user’s face better in the dark.

Please deal with the content of this report with the least amount of protection, but it is known that claims Ming-Chi Kuo is always right when it comes to products Apple TV, so it is logical that these recent allegations are true.


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