A new report suggests manufacturing company TSMC exclusively for the processor, Apple A13 for Apple

Apple A12 Bionic

For generations most recent of iPhones, iPads of iPad, it was company TSMC to a large extent are based exclusively manufactures the processors Apple Ax which is used by Apple in these devices. Prior to this, Apple relied on both Samsung and TSMC to manufacture its processors, and even before that it was Samsung are classified exclusively to the processors Apple Ax Apple, but the judicial conflict raging between Apple and Samsung, and the great development experienced by the company and TSMC have contributed in the migration of Apple to rely on Samsung to rely on company TSMC.

Now there are reports saying that Samsung trying to get Apple as a customer when it comes to manufacturing processors in 2019, but if the new report released today from the site DigiTimes is true, it may not happen in the end. According to the report, it appears that the company TSMC is buying exclusively from the new manufacturing processor Apple A13 coming from Apple in the next year. In the case if the company has TSMC actually do it, they will have captured 60 percent of the market for the manufacture of processors.

At the moment, it is unclear what can we expect from processor Apple A13. However, we expect that it will be manufactured using the technology to 7 nanometers as is the case with the processor Apple A12 Bionic, but it remains to be seen whether the processor Apple A13 new happens on the nuclei more. At the current time, the processor Apple A12 Bionic features six cores note that the performance tests showed us that the performance of this processor is roughly comparable to the performance of the processors of desktop computers.

In both cases, it may be too early to tell what we can expect from the processor Apple A13, so it is best to deal with everything that is traded on the web currently with the least amount of protection.


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