Leak claims new phone next Nokia 5 cameras

If you think that the 3 camera or 4 camera the background is the end then you are mistaken because Nokia is already working on the phone pilot holds 5 cameras from the back are supposed to present the capabilities of the filming of super and unique gifts.

The latest delivery of today’s review the design of the phone in all respects where it protrudes from the back Shape of the cameras that come on the form of a carousel with dual LED flash where still technical specifications for these cameras so vague moment.

The phone will also a screen size of 5.9-inch QHD+ will be the processor Snapdragon 845 with 8GB RAM and memory, 128GB storage can be increased via a separate external memory.

Of course the phone will use the latest version of Android known as Android Bay 9.0 where will all this specifications on the battery with a capacity of 4150mAh with a note that there is no fingerprint of the cell all ignoring the front that means it’s going to be inside the screen.

Unfortunately there are no dates for an event to detect that the phone is likely to carry the name Nokia 9.


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