The iOS update 12 is now working on 50% of devices Apple!

I didn’t spend more than three weeks on the launch of the Apple iOS update 12 is officially for users, even out stats unconfirmed reports last week saying that the iOS operating system 12 is already working to 47.54% of the devices Apple compatible with the update, and now the Cupertino company itself to publish the data of the official update.

These data confirmed the to install update iOS 12 until the day of October 10 to 50% of the devices Apple compatible with the update as a whole, and 53% of the devices that were released in the last four years.

Bringing the iOS update 12 is the most used version on the devices Apple, update iOS 11 is released the second most used, where he is now on 39% of all devices, and 40% of the devices that were released in the last four years.

These figures make the iOS update 12 faster growth than the update last year which took more than two months after the released even up to these women, due to recent improvements in performance for older devices, making it work much faster than before.

For iPhone 6 Plus like, after the iOS update 12 got applications run faster by 40%, and also increased the speed of the keyboard response by 50%, cameras by 70%, in addition to that, animation has become smoother and more responsive, like scrolling in the app or enter the width multi-tasking, so that applications work at up to twice the speed when the machine is under great pressure.

End, be commended to quickly access updates to the iOS operating system to the users, unlike the updates to the Android operating system, in the time we had that talk about installing the iOS update 12 on 50% of devices Apple after three weeks of its launch, the find update Android latest Android Pie, which was launched by Google since August is not installed only on 0.1% of Android devices!

Did you update to iOS 12 for?

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