HSBC confirms the occurrence of breakthrough data in the United States

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بنك HSBC يؤكد حدوث اختراق للبيانات في الولايات المتحدة

Confirmed HSBC Bank HSBC breakthrough data in relation to its business in the United States, which revealed a turn for sensitive financial information, including bank statements, customer account details, the bank said that the hackers may have had access to the accounts online last month, he stopped the access for some customers to prevent fraud, and that less than 1 percent of customers in the United States have been affected, and he explained that it will offer them the services of control credit cards.

Is considered the HSBC Bank is one of the largest organizations of banking and financial services in the world, and the network of HSBC International about 7,500 offices in more than 80 countries and regions in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, Middle East and Africa, the penetration having access to customer names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, account numbers, their order and the history of their transactions, in addition to the account information of the beneficiaries.

The HSBC Bank is also improving security across the internet to increase the difficulty of access of hackers to the account even with the password, said: “the unauthorized users may have had access to the accounts in the period between 4 October and 14 October during the stuffing credentials”.

Is used hackers passwords and personal details taken from other places to get unauthorized access to the accounts, is usually a breakthrough data on other web sites and try to use it to log in the hope that customers may use the same password.

A spokesman said the bank “regrets Foundation HSBC for this case, we take our responsibility in protecting our customers seriously,” we have responded to this situation by strengthening the operations of login and authentication, apply additional layers of security to access the digital and to all personal bank accounts and commercial”.

“I’ve alerted those customers who may be their account had experienced an unauthorized entry into, attach it to the one year of monitoring services for credit card and protection against theft”, and you can HSBC bank about 1.4 million accounts in the United States, said he did not see any evidence of fraud as a result of the hack.

Was posted development model sent to the customer via the internet by the Office of the attorney general in California, despite the fact that the hack is not limited to such a case, it is not yet clear whether the attackers had tried to take advantage of the data to steal the savings.

Said Professor Alan Woodward Alan Woodward, from the University of Surrey Surrey, the university research public in the United Kingdom: “the information that has been announced so far by the HSBC Bank is very limited, it is clear that it is still investigating what happened during the take necessary actions to protect customers and to advise regulatory bodies, there is a lot of information that didn’t appear yet, which I hope to teach her the HSBC bank when I have it”.

This is considered a hack is the latest in a series of security incidents that have hit a number of key financial services around the world, although the impact on the much smaller number of persons who were affected by yesterday breakthroughs previous companies such as Equifax and JPMorgan, the hackers were able in the case of HSBC to access more detailed information about the customer.

Was hacked JPMorgan, which happened in the year of 2014 has revealed the names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail messages to nearly two-thirds of American families, the impact of the embezzlement cases in the past year within the agency reporting credit Equifax on approximately 143 million consumers.

The banks invested large amounts in strengthening its security E-in recent years, but remains particularly vulnerable to attacks using the lack of interest of customers or employees, and urged HSBC bank customers to use unique passwords for their accounts and avoid using the same credentials that they use on social media platforms.

The gate Arab News Technical HSBC Bank confirms the occurrence of breakthrough data in the United States

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