A new patent from Apple will the owners of the iPhone from pesky calls

براءة اختراع جديدة من أبل ستحذر أصحاب أيفون من المكالمات المزعجة

In the news about a new patent to Apple, it posted AppleInsider, will this patent to the users of devices iPhone to avoid nuisance calls and unwanted, by providing the iPhone a warning about the call to the owner, through the analysis of technical information on calls received by the phone, to determine whether the fact and the nature of law or it is a place of internet access, compelling the identity of the product.

Will phone to inform the owner automatically in the case of receiving an anonymous phone call and edit it if the call is outside the scope of logical and legal, Google would precede Apple in this area, made many trips, so that the devices pixels actually warn its owners of this type of calls and the status of the signal, where they are mining more of it in the phones Pixel 3 the possibility of a reply by the Assistant Google reporting and the Prohibition of those calls provided.

And regarding this event from being patented to Apple, where there is no indication on Apple to provide any of the devices iPhone this new feature effectively.

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