Start selling phone Honor Honor 8X in Egypt, you know the advantages of phone and its price

Began Honor Honor in asking her new smart phone Honor 8X for sale in Egypt, after the entry into force of the amount raised for advance fully over the past few days, reflecting consumer confidence in the possibilities of the phone and its price.

Can phone Honor 8X an important turning point in the group that is famous by the extraordinary unmatched by any phone, and phone Honor the 8X gets consumers on the settings of the advanced screen with full width 6.5 inches with a fit of 91% between the size of the screen and the device, in addition to technology CFO developed for tourism and a list of lengthy of wonderful properties.

Highlights include the properties of phone Honor 8X screen full display $ 6.5-inch, capacity of the internal storage capacity of 128 GB, and rear camera dual lens accurately 20-megapixel camera, and powered by the artificial intelligence AI with the ability to export ultra high-definition at night.

The phone Honor 8X Battery strongly 3,750 mAh battery, enjoy with Honer smart energy saving, and products of Kirin Kirin 710 new, which are used for the first time in the phones Honor.

Elegant design for the Honor 8X

Designed phone Honor 8X metal frame medium with a structure Glass 2.5 D dual appearance suggests an aura of beautiful and eye-catching, and mastery of the color gamut in the design of the structure through 15 layers to reflect the colors of the spectrum and light from different angles the appearance and texture of very elegance and softness, the phone features three attractive colors are blue, black and red.

Quest suite is amazing and battery last long

Phone needs Honor 8X internal memory ROM with a capacity of 128 GB with a microSD card up to 400 GB, as the phone supports the SIM card slot dual.

The phone has the presence of battery with capacity 3,750 mAh battery with smart technology to save energy, making the battery lasts for up to a full day when charging for one. As to the possible settings of the phone allows a speedy and smooth experience to the user, and do not forget that a large battery ensures continuous use without interruption for a long time.

Cameras powerful techniques of artificial intelligence with amazing potential to change the night

Telephone Honor 8X equipped with a camera background of the binary number strictly 20 + 2 MP front camera 16-Megapixel, the camera can powered by artificial intelligence to identify 22 different categories and the 500 scenario in real time, and improve the settings of the image capture and quality based on what the user export.

It uses your smartphone artificial intelligence techniques to produce night shots excellent without the need of a tripod using the technique to install the framework based on machine learning. And even if the user can control precisely on your smartphone and for 6 seconds constant even in the case of hand-shake.

Superior performance backed by latest techniques and treatments

Is phone Honor 8X first smart phone bar provides a Kirin 710 strong eight nuclei, so that the performance of cores per CPU, representing a rise of 75% compared to the previous generation. Supports slide-GPU HD (JP on the turbo). Can the processor enhance overall performance increased by 130% compared to the previous generation, to meet the needs of the most users exercise Games.

Artificial intelligence technology to enhance the connectivity and sound quality

Phone uses Honor 8X artificial intelligence techniques to improve the connectivity. In the case of the presence of a person in the area of the noise, as a train or in a strong wind, the smart phone to the noise in the background and allows to remove it by a technique of artificial intelligence which improves sound quality and allows the dialogue is clear. How can the techniques of artificial intelligence to detect variation in signal strength, as it happens in the factory, to get the quick connect to the fourth generation as soon as you leave the factory – this ensures you don’t miss anything.

It is also the first smart phone provides a new generation of style, comfort to the eye, which is supported by the foundation TüV Rheinland and can reduce the radiation of the blue color emanating from the screen to avoid fatigue of the eye.

Commenting on the launch of the new device said Chris Saint sing, president of Mark Of Honor in the Middle East and Africa: “by revealing the telephone Honor 8X new, facing honor raise the standards and achievement of the New where the balance between value, design, and performance. We launched a device that enjoys the benefits of the most luxurious cell phones at a price in hand to meet the needs of digital citizens of the millennial generation. Recognize that millennials are very interested in technology and that’s why we work to provide all the functions and features of the phones luxury and safety in this machine, but we offer it at a reasonable price to Honor the 8X fit the budget.”

Is available phone Honor 8X price in Egypt price of 4,888 pounds, which is a premium price compared to its advantages.

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