Consensus with the network of electronic payment, the “advantage” card payments local aims to mainstream financial inclusion in Egypt

Waiting to witness the coming December, the official launch of the preliminary card payments local Egyptian new with the support of the government of Egypt, bearing the name “feature”, aimed at achieving the concept of financial inclusion, or what symbolizes the expansion of the scope of banking services and digital payments to include as much as possible of citizens, especially those who don’t deal currently with the banks.

Indicate statistical work 2017 percentage of designers who possess bank accounts, personal does not exceed 32% of the total population, which is what makes Egypt a fertile ground to flourish in banking services electronic services and financial technology that has the advantage of ease of Use and low cost are what makes them able to target users who don’t deal currently with the traditional banking system.

Experience has proven the e-wallets of the operators of mobile phones the success of this concept, where it has experienced tremendous growth, as the number of clients of those services to 10.2 million customers and volume of transactions to 8 billion pounds a year rate.

The company was “Network International – Network International” Working in the field of providing solutions for electronic payments on the continent of Africa and the Middle East, has announced the availability of all services with card “feature” of the new when launched. The company provides the services of payment systems and point of sale “Point of Sale” support services payment cards as well as electronic payment services using mobile phones for more than 200 banking institution in the region.

And Han idea, managing director of Network International in Egypt “being one of the first integrated with the first national card payment services and electronic, it enhances our efforts to streamline operations and improve profitability to our customers and also to support government initiatives to increase electronic payments in the country”.

But the Egyptian government does not intend to make a card “feature” as a credit card or direct debit, traditional, where the project aims to use the card in payment of fees for government services, as well as tickets for public transport, in addition to the purchase via traditional POS, online shopping, and. Should support the card as well for future payment remotely through devices e-reader, targeted at the government of Egypt access to about 20 million cards in 3 years.

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