Video – watch Nokia 9 with five cameras background !

Moving company HMD on the development of Nokia phones new talents to work and constant updates in modern smartphones, which focus on cameras and the area of the screen mainly. So how can for Nokia phones coming to the shouts of current phones, especially cameras?

The last we know until now in the field of smartphone cameras is a camera quad, which we saw in Galaxy A9 Pro , which was announced by Samsung recently, but it seems that the HMD you want to register is already special with a phone with five cameras background!

According to the latest images that were leaked of OnLeans and 91Mobile the Nokia phone 9 next will come a set of rear cameras up to 5 cameras sensor is unknown, we don’t know what is the setting carried out by the HMD, but there is a lack of a clear brand PureView, and instead the logo of the Zeiss is located between the cameras.

Expected to include cameras, sensor depth, and telephoto to zoom in with the camera supports the imaging lens with wide angles which are common settings in the cameras and the Troika, also is expected to see the camera monochrome between cameras five.

For specifications of the external phone, there is no impact of sensor footprint of the traditional explicit reference to the presence of sensor fingerprint built-in screen phone that comes $ 5.9-inch QHD+, the ratio of length to width of 18:9, comprising one camera in the front and there is no impact to the design of extrusion refined.

Protects phone Nokia 9 some of the design options of 8 Sirocco – yes headphone jack 3.5 mm, only the USB-C port for everything. And the back is made of glass to support wireless charging, and that battery capacity up II Milli amp.

You inform the dimensions of the phone 155 x 75 x 7.9 mm, and will enjoy a high level of resistance to dust and water (need Serpico to IP67). There are three microphones located on the outer surface of the phone.

Finally, and on the inner side of the phone, it seems that Nokia 9 will chipset Snapdragon 845 that’s almost a year, have a Snapdragon 845, with random access memory up to 8 GB and storage memory storage capacity of 128 GB.

Video My for Nokia 9 :

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