Video.. leaks of the new phone Nokia owner 5 cameras

بالفيديو.. تسريبات جديدة لهاتف نوكيا صاحب الـ5 كاميرات

Many are impatient, chest, official phone Nokia 9 talk, with 5 cameras in the background, however, recent leaks it seems that it would make the wait less difficult, where clearer video with 360 the modern design of the phone last Nokia, to this form.

Phone 5 cameras


Believe that we are watch phone carries 5 cameras at once, where it was usual to use camera phones or two, only to having a smart device now may mean the campaign of 3 and 4 cameras, and 5 in the future, thanks to the recent Nokia, which was leaked form her phone, talking Nokia 9, the owner of the largest number of cameras in the history of smartphones.

Do not hold the new phone reader the fingerprint of the cell, where the Nokia put it inside the screen, which amounts to 5.9-inch, the QHD resolution, as it is expected that the phone uses a Snapdragon processor 845, memory 8 GB, in addition to other indoor up T GB, note that several reports have indicated that the battery capacity is maybe $ 4150 mAh.

Nokia 9

بالفيديو.. تسريبات جديدة لهاتف نوكيا صاحب الـ5 كاميرات

Some reports also have described the phone conversation, which carries the name of Nokia 9, and so far, he’s close to the likeness of Nokia 8 Sirocco, but it does not include yet a place dedicated for the phone, up to size 3.5 mm, as was the situation before, just open the USB-C custom for everything.

Also attention to the manufacturer design the phone with the back glass, to facilitate the process of the wireless switch, three external speakers, a sign of resistance from water and dust, similar to بـIP67 available phone Sirocco.

The phone is available from the rear as well, the word Zeiss, a company’s visual of the famous, which had been stopped by the deal with Nokia, before returning to mutual cooperation between them since almost one year.

Worth mentioning, that the interest of Nokia to provide its phones with the latest types of cameras, not of things learned for the company’s prestigious currently owned لـHMD, which highlighted the company’s excellence through the development of camera Ozo var, with reference to the issuing company by the phones tend to have cameras Great, such as the Lumia 1020 and Pureview 808.

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