Instagram works on the property of the School Stories school students

انستقرام تعمل على خاصية School Stories لطلاب المدارس

Explained the technical advisory Jean offers general interview with website TechCrunch on the possibility of the launch of Instagram for a new property under the name School Stories; which will be dedicated for the source in the student groups where they’ll be able to just participate and interact with the story your school or college, will be stuff on this story and manual for review and ensure their safety.

And access this information across a number of codes has prevented their participation and to articulate it via her account Twitter alluding for Instagram to add this new feature and some other details as shown here:

Comes new work on the story of school that based on what was chosen by the House previously in relation to the establishment of a community of special students, which can through which students exchange messages and watch the story and you more interactive among each other.

And the important point that the fact that the presence of these codes in the app does not actually mean that the property is coming in soon or they are subject to the experiences of the test, but can say that they are in the process of construction on the house at the time which did not look like the Instagram no comment on the matter.

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