Phone OnePlus 6T starts to receive the new update improves the property of the open screen

OnePlus 6T

I started the company OnePlus today issued a new update for the phone OnePlus 6T carries a version of OxygenOS 9.0.5. This update which has a size less than 100 MB mainly comes to make some improvements on the property screen unlock ” Screen Unlock “.

Personally, I didn’t see any improvement in the opening times of the screen before and after installing the update. Still feature open the phone via the sensor fingerprint built-in screen in good working order, at least until you pick up the phone with the other hand and use the thumb of the other, and this affects the speed of recognition of insight despite the fact that the other thumb is also recorded. However, when I used this thumb a few times, the phone will return to work well.

Apart from that, this new update brings with it a range of other improvements and fixes, despite the fact that the company OnePlus did not reveal to us about the quality of these improvements and fixes that comes out of this update. Overall, this update is being issued currently all the units of the OnePlus 6T, it’s supposed to get a notice about the update on your phone in the near future if I don’t get it already.

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