Supplement Google Pixel Stand is causing some problems for you Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel Stand 3

One of the accessories launched by the company Google to by phones Google Pixel 3 and the Google Pixel 3 XL is a wireless charger the Google Pixel Stand. This is basically a dock that supports wireless charging technology which allows users to recharge phones Google Pixel 3 of their own at a rate of 10W, but alas, it has clarified a set of reports that this supplement to cause some problems for users.

According to various reports from users which were confirmed later by the site Android Police, the phone mode Google Pixel 3 or the Google Pixel 3 XL on the charger the Google Pixel Stand may cause some problems for notifications. Moreover, the frequency also to frame the picture stops working. In case you haven’t heard about this situation before, he’s working on turning the phone when you put it on the Google Pixel Stand to frame a false image.

As explained by the site Android Police, this problem was not noticed by many people because the few users who are using the notifications to the surrounding ( Ambient Notifictaions ), as that few of the users who bought the file the Google Pixel Stand in the original. However, the mistakes remain mistakes and should be resolved in the near future, a temporary solution only is to restart the phone, although there is a high probability that such problems appear even after that.

Since then, the company stressed that Google it looking at the problem, but we still don’t know when the company will issue an update that would fix these errors.



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