The court imposed on Qualcomm to license patents invented corporate competition

Qualcomm Snapdragon

In the antitrust lawsuit filed currently against Qualcomm before the Federal Trade Commission, has become Qualcomm forced to license their patents to companies of the competition, at least according to the preliminary judgment by a judge of the Federal Court of America. This provision would eliminate the monopoly imposed by Qualcomm in the market of processors and tortillas.

The judge said that if the company’s license to patents invented other companies specialized in the manufacture of processors chip modem such as Samsung, Huawei and Intel, they will work or limit the implementation capacity of the Office of patented.

The Qualcomm license their technology to competitors before, but it didn’t never licensing of patents invented basic. If the judge’s decision is final, it would open new possibilities for the in the chip field season, which will allow companies to competition such as Samsung and Intel create a chip of their own. This is of course good for the competition and the final consumer.



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