Court request of Qualcomm licensing technology modem phones competitors

المحكمة تطلب من كوالكوم ترخيص تقنيات مودم الهواتف للمنافسين

We hear a lot in the Qualcomm when you talk about smart phones, but we hear about the company with most of these phones confirm their control over the market of processors or communication techniques that force manufacturers phones on the go, not because of, possess the best techniques, which cause no problems in several states as well as with Apple particularly between companies.

The control of Qualcomm this prompted the Federal Trade that experience for trial, out of respect, in 2017, to be the final session of last year, but Judge Lucy Koh already the final verdict to tell the company that we license the patent to competitors, especially those with cell phones to avoid the laws of probability.

The company was interested in more time to finish its own problems of violating the patents of other companies in the introduction of its Apple TV, but after this news the position has become difficult, as the value of its shares fell 0.3% after the news.

In case the court issued a final decision to force Qualcomm to license technology contact for competitors, the companies like Samsung and Intel would be very happy to get the techniques and compete against Qualcomm.

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