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The firm revealed Apple finally phones new iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, the new phone from the series iPhone X which offers three phones as the second phone is iPhone Xr. Unlike what you can expect finally, the new Apple iPhone XS Max is the largest Apple phones to date, and not only that it phone screen is extremely large with a diameter of 6.5 inches, bigger than the Galaxy Note 9, which has a screen of 6.4 inch.

As everyone expects iOS 12 will be ready on the phones to the new terms of the control of the other phones in the coming days more new.

The phone comes smaller screen 5.8 inch, just like the timing of the leaks so that the same screen size of the iPhone X, but Apple has worked this time to reduce the ratio of phone to the screen to become smaller phone with the same screen size. Although Apple was late for the other companies too much for phones big, she seems to understand well that the future for phones, big-screen the 6 inch.

Come the new phones screen OLED display supports HDR color Golden Lead solders and silver space. The two phones have dual cameras accurately 12 megapixel each, with the support of a number of Telephoto while the front camera is of 7 megapixel the two. The phones also come with a segment A12 Bionic-core 7 nm, which is Apple it’s 30% faster for the speed run at the phones 2017.

Supports new phones two tranches of technology Esim in addition to water resistance and where sharing phones last for 30 minutes and a depth of 2 meters, according to the protocol obtained ip68. Also according to Apple’s hyped budget Face ID work on phones faster. Also the new phones offer batteries longer lifespan than iPhone X so that the iPhone XS offers a longer half hour iPhone XS Max battery longest hour and a half, is there to dazzle it?

And the prices of new phones it seems that the company has any plans to reduce the prices so that the phone is the first iPhone XS comes at the price of $ 999 and the phone second largest iPhone XS Max is priced at 1099 $ and the phone second iPhone is XR supposed to be economic at a price of $ 750.

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