China used to anchor artificial intelligence to read the news

The gate Arab News Technical The Gate Arab News Technical

الصين تستخدم مذيع ذكاء اصطناعي لقراءة الأخبار

Submitted news agency, Xinhua, the official Chinese Xinhua the so-called “Comet installation” or anchor for artificial intelligence, bringing together images and sounds the note of the two humans using the technology of artificial intelligence AI, and to the memorandum of new artificial intelligence, launched by Xinhua news agency and the operator of the search engine Sogou, located in Beijing, China during the global internet in the city of Wuzhen, to read the news the same way as the effect provided by the note of the human, because the machine learning program capable of synthesizing the word realism and movements of the lips and facial expressions.

Xinhua news agency said: “the announcer of artificial intelligence an official member of the team, reports Xinhua news agency. We are working to anchor others to provide consumers with information authoritative news reach them in time in Chinese and English”, and is available announcer artificial intelligence now across all platforms online and mobile agency Xinhua applications such as Chinese and English the official calculation of the official platform of WeChat WeChat and television agency on the internet.

Is considered the famous doctrine of important assets in the networking major news in the United States, according to the information and the most expensive announcer of news in the United States is Anderson Cooper Anderson Cooper of CNN CNN, which gets $ 100 million per year, while all of Diane Sawyer Diane Sawyer of ABC News and Sean Hannity Sean Hannity of Fox News on the 80 million dollars each.

And famous broadcasters in China usually on a novel, much less because they are working for television stations run by the state, but their breaks are often additional money through the promotion and product sales of books, may be able to anchor artificial intelligence someday occur note humans because of its ability to work 24 hours a day, but provided that you agree that the editors of the news text entry in the system.

Xinhua said this achievement was “a breakthrough in the field of global synthesis, artificial intelligence when it comes to synthesized audio and video in real-time for the memorandum of artificial intelligence to read the news, and provides search engine Sogou core technology of the project.

She explained the agency Chinese news technology artificial intelligence have “prospects endless” because it significantly improves efficiency and cost of production of TV news reports Daily, adding that it could generate news reports breaking quickly in order to improve the timing of the presentation of these reports and their quality.

The gate Arab News Technical China used to anchor artificial intelligence to read the news

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