The free in platform Flickr no longer provides 1 TB of storage space


Announced platform photo storage Flickr about some of the changes that affect those who use the plan. This region which has been acquired recently by the service hosting images professional SmugMug confirmed at the end of last week that they will no longer offer 1 TB of storage space. Thus, it will be possible for users of the free platform Flickr now lift 1000 image maximum to the organization. This is a big change first of its kind to be conducted on the platform of Flickr since been taken over by the service SmugMug. It is also said that as of January 2019, there will be no need to account Yahoo to access the platform Flickr.

According to the company, it has stated by saying : ” unfortunately, will rarely be free services free to users. Users pay with their data or their time. And that this change is transparent “. Can now for users of the free lift 1000 image or video regardless of the size. They won’t get anymore storage space free of 1 TB for their content.

Plan includes Flickr Pro now browse without ads, statistics, and advanced, and to support the image 5K, and increase the duration of running videos, and more. Participants will be able to also get more discounts from partners, including Adobe Creative Cloud. This service costs $ 49.99 per year, but users who upgrade to line the Flickr Pro before 30 November receive a discount of 30%.

Those who have more than 1000 photos in their account will have until January 8, 2019 option to download those photos to be up the limit to 1000 photos or upgrade to line the Flickr Pro. They won’t be able to raise a new photo to Flickr after January 8, if they remained above the limit.



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