Spending on information security technologies in companies up to $ 1.9 billion by 2019

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الإنفاق على تقنيات أمن المعلومات في الشركات يصل إلى 1.9 مليار دولار بحلول العام 2019

Over time when cyber-security is limited to device desktop you Software anti-virus, but in today’s digital world come risks to networks and devices in forms more diversified, and trends more than ever before, as threats destroyer every day revealing weaknesses and gaps was unknown, what proves that the user can never be completely secure.

With the development of attacks and proliferation increased in the past few years, companies began to rethink security in the workplace, making a pledge to the officials of Information Technology the protection of information and assets, adequate protection, from threats both external and internal, whether it was identity theft or loss of intellectual property leading to infections by viruses and malware.

And security in the Middle East and North Africa one of the important risks that affect companies and individuals, according to the latest forecast firm Gartner, the spending on information security technologies and services in companies fast paced to reach $ 1.9 billion by 2019, an increase of 9.8 percent from the year 2018.

Increasing recognition of the CIOs, the need for a comprehensive security strategy can be applied at all levels of the enterprise, from servers, computers, desktop and peripherals such as printers, multi-function devices, the access to the networks that connect these devices.

Although most companies have invested in preventing external attacks, 35 percent of electronic crimes are committed by individuals working within those companies, and happens one third of the operations of the data leak, as well, from within the company.

On this basis, there is a need necessary to help reduce data loss, and protection of the uses and unwanted devices, reducing the risk of Information Networks at risk, given the development of communication techniques, we have become more interconnected than ever before, and save the high-speed data and sensitive business tasks across a range of devices and information networks, so that is no longer enough to secure this data itself, but rather to ensure the transfer of it as well, otherwise companies run the risk of a security breach.

Companies can secure their information through the management of critical aspects concerning individuals and documents, devices and networks.

Encourage a culture of security among employees

One of the biggest security threats is the negligence that is caused by the end-user, or human error, including, but not limited to, the participation of other passwords, and devices without observation, and not delete the old information, and non-essential documents and documents outside of the office.

Can avoid these errors easily by implementing a security policy Library, and to ensure the restriction of important data, delete old data in a timely manner, and conduct specialized training courses to educate staff.

The challenge lies in the capacity of access and control has come a long way in ensuring proper risk management and protection of important information, and at the operational level the design of the protocol to the security of the devices applied at the staff level through the allocation of credentials and access to certain specific employees, or applied to the level of resources which can determine access according to roles and responsibilities.

Strengthen the protection of documents and data

According to the latest studies conducted by the canon, and the title “insights for office work-2018”, the incidents of lost documents, has hit about 70 percent of the companies, it seems that the most common result of this was additional spending to produce the missing documents, so in 47 percent of cases.

There are several ways to add a level of protection, including the protection of the document via a password, the characteristics of the encryption, and watermarks safe on the information of the company, and the safe disposal of documents not used or old.

Showed the study that about 40 percent of employees in the region are concerned about the consequences of lost documents or left them insecure, and 20 percent fully agree that most staff are unaware of the risks of data loss through loss of documents.

Hence it should be implemented in a variety of controls and surveillance to help prevent the Leave printed documents neglected on the printer without the use of the print, encrypt data during transfer to the printer or stored on the tablets internal storage fixed, and to help protect the information contained in the documents that have been scanned and sent from the multifunction printer, and assist in the protection of all passwords, address books, and encryption keys that can be stored on the device.

The positive aspect contained in the study of the canon in that 46 percent of companies in the Middle East intends to do, most likely, to strengthen the security documents have in the next year or two, while the average in other regions around the world amounts to only 25 percent.

The translation of this interest into real action in this region, where 55 percent of companies, get consultancy from specialists external to help them in document management solutions, and 67 percent of the companies using solutions based on the cloud.

Secure the terminal points

Are the techniques of multi-function devices such as print, copy and scan, from more devices, business communication common in the world, but as one of the organizations that relate the inputs and outputs, can leave the device non-evolving your business at risk.

This dynamic is exacerbated due to the risk of the HDD exposed in front of the non-disabled, which can increase the threat to the material speed, and often, longer printers, multi-function devices connected to the network points a terminal can be “schools” for subversive activities malignant.

Should be in general not to let these devices connect to the open internet, and must have no IP address of its own, as you should always placed behind the firewall the founders, as among a wider range of means of protection.

There should also be a number of the advantages of network security are included in the device which would be protected from the consequences of the interventions of the retina unauthorized, but don’t take a lot of institutions in mind is the possibility of the survival of the information processed on printers, multi-function devices reserved on the pills hard, even when disposed of or returned to the supplier after rental, so it is necessary to organize pills before being transported outside of a safe work environment.

Remains maintaining the security of data is an integral part of the business is complete, both represent that digitization of the printed version or make sure that information and interact seamlessly within the framework of a commercial activity, may lead to the occurrence of sensitive data in the wrong hands to destroy a business, it can also be other serious consequences such as exploitation, since that information is a precious asset for companies, the information security becomes everyone’s responsibility, from employees to business leaders.

Author Mohamed Bahrawy Mohamed El Bahrawy, director of marketing in the business unit have a “Canon Middle East”.

The gate Arab News Technical spending on information security technologies in companies up to $ 1.9 billion by 2019

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